Have you ever been called something you’re not?

I AM NOT A FISH! is a quirky, yet heartfelt story about a Jellyfish named Edgar who's gotten confused from being called something he's not his entire life...namely a "fish."  Talking with a group of friendly starfish, who totally understand where he is coming from, Edgar learns that no matter what anybody calls you, the best thing you could possibly be...is yourself.

I Am Not a Fish!
By Peter Raymundo


The ocean is not only an endless source of wonder that we depend on for our very existence. I believe in a pollution free sea, and so do the passionate individuals at an amazing company called 4ocean. Their mission is not only to clean the beaches and oceans of the world, one pound at a time, but to help educate others how to preserve the only world we have.

For more information visit: https://4ocean.com/

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