BOOK 2: Third Grade Mermaid and the Unicorns of the Sea

by Peter Raymundo

Coming January 31, 2018!

HERE IT IS!!!! The Cover of Third Grade Mermaid and the Unicorns of the Sea!

In this much anticipated sequel, Cora has come a long way since her days of struggling with spelling! When she writes a short story about a constantly nervous narwhal, Cora’s teacher, Mr. Spouter, nominates her to represent the school in the upcoming Ocean Writes Contest. The big prize is getting her face on the cover of Splashy Magazine, but now Cora has to write a new story about “the greatest thing she has ever done,” and as far as Cora is concerned, she hasn’t done ANYTHING great!

The next day, Cora is at lunch with her friends Jimmy the Jellyfish and Larry the Sea Cucumber trying to think of what to write about when Cora’s annoyingly glamorous rival, Vivian Shimmermore, swims by to talk about herself. In a surprising twist, it comes out that Vivian thinks Narwhals are make believe creatures. After a short debate, Vivian says it would be “great” to see Cora try to prove that these so-called horned whales are real. As Vivian Shimmermore swims off laughing, she has no idea that she’s just given Cora her answer.  
But now Cora has to find a creature she has never seen in real life before. What follows is an epic journey where Cora and her ocean friends go in search of the mysterious “Unicorns of the Sea.”

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2018.